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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  December 1, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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take a step forward and chase what matters. ♪ we just keep on keepin' on ♪ ♪ keep on we're live in san francisco, where fire victims are waiting to get back inside their building here, looks like that won't happen. we'll have more on two rescues that firefighters made this morning. >> and another windy kay ahead. we'll show you the mess it's already left behind. >> new deadlines and more defiance in the occupy movement here in the bay area. and a major traffic problem for the dublin valley has traffic backed up for miles. mornings on 2 starts now!
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good morning to you! welcome to mornings on 2. it is thursday, december 1. topping our news, two people have been critically injured in an early morning fire in san francisco. it started a few hours ago in the city's mission district. ktvu's tara moriarity joins us live from the scene. any word on how the fire started? >> reporter: we don't know that yet, but we do know more information about some of the dramatic rescues that firefighters made this morning. i spoke to one, he carried a man out the front door. he had tried to jump and then cut himself on some glass and then another firefighter was able to take a woman down the ladder. she couldn't breathe so he was able to give her his mask. now, four people were injured in this fire, two of them remaining critical with severe burns. flames broke out on the top floor of a -- at 4:30 this morning. within an hour firefighters had
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everything under control. more than a dozen residents are out of their homes, located on 24th between mission and valencia. we thought they might be getting ready to go in to retrieve belongings but that is not going to happen. one of them grabbed his paintings on his way out of the burning building and describes the fire to us. >> coming from the back so when i came out of my bedroom, our house is like set up like a long hallway with a kitchen and porch. i think the porch is on the back. so when i came down it was like -- it was glowy and orangey like coming from the back of the house. >> we spoke to the chief the wind made the fire challenging. the units are close together, a lot of housing attached. so they really had their hands full. now an arson investigator is on the scene. we do know it broke out in the back either in the kitchen or perhaps a bedroom. the back deck burned off. this is elliott nathan, as we come back live, and he was the
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person we spoke to this morning. what did they just tell you? >> we just got to go in and get some of our stuff out. they said we could go back in in a couple hours but then they'll close everything off and we won't go in until everything is checked out, the water removed and that kind of thing. >> good luck to you. >> thank you. >> reporting live, tara moriarity, ktvu channel 2 news. >> time now 7:02. there was also a fire in the east bay overnight, caused by arcing power lines. claudine wong is live and there's a big clean-up ahead this morning. >> reporter: certainly people arriving to east 14th street will be met with sights like this. look at this fence line that was knocked down by the wind overnight. neighbors out here tell us yesterday this was standing up right. today, it is just toppled over and people coming out here will have to be cleaning this up before they get on this this construction site. the force of the wind strong enough to make quite a mess
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here on east 14th. about a half block from where we are this morning, we also found a christmas tree lot where there was a pretty big mess out there. force of the wind there knocking down the trees. but just a little bit of a clean-up project this morning for the owners of that tree lot. not a lot of work, but certainly something they wouldn't like to see. and a few blocks down from there, we saw some more serious problems when we saw some downed power lines. those power lines knocked down by the wind, but when they went down in the middle of east 14th street, the electricity also arced, firefighters had to respond to a fire that started in a vacant building. that building was connected to one of those downed lines. and that took them about 30 minutes to get that under control. but again, they're blaming the wind, that took the lines down and that actually caused that fire. we did see pg&e crews out here this morning, they were cleaning up that mess. again, not a huge fix but it did take them awhile and they
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wanted to get it done before the morning traffic ahmadinejad through here on east 14th. we come back live on east 14th. it just shows you what they were dealing with out here. things were toppled over, but at one time it actually looked like the fence line would have snapped by just the sheer force of it all. so another windy day expected. a little clean-up continues today. and we'll have to see what the day holds in store. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. lanes are back open on northbound highway 101 after a wind related accident there. the chp says a car collided with a tree near the north matilda avenue exit around 2 a.m. officers believe high winds toppled that tree. it is unclear if the driver suffered any injuries. traffic is moving again, but the highway patrol is warning drivers the road may be filled with debris from the tree. also this morning, pg&e crews are working to restore power to tens of thousands of
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customers affected by wind related outages. we just got an update from pg&e. pg&e says 17,000 plus customers are without power in the santa cruz mountains. that's down from 26,000 earlier. 90 customers on the peninsula are still affected along with 170 in the east bay. 890 in the south bay and 300 in the north bay. san francisco has no outages. pg&e is reminding people without power to use flashlights instead of candles to reduce fire danger. the latest deadline in the occupy san francisco protest is just a couple hours away. the city has given the demonstrators until noon today to take down their tents. city leaders say the karch at the foot of market street has become a public health nuisance and they want protestors to move to a vacant school lot in the mission district. meantime, occupy santa rosa protestors will have to move out of their campsite by
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midnight tonight. that's when their permits to camp outside to the hall are due to expire. the city put an end to the permitting process because of safety and sanitation issues. last week the police cleared out all campers who did not have permits. they're urging all others to leave peacefully by the deadline. an autopsy will be performed on a body found in the merced river at yosemite national park. rangers think the body may be one of three people killed last july. they were swept over vernal falls and only one of the bodies was recovered. witnesses say the trio plummeted to their deaths by ignoring warning signs. the hikers went around a guardrail at the top of the falls, which is 317 feet high. marin county sheriff's deputies increased patrols around miller creek middle school in marinwood after death threats were made against staff members. the marin independent journal reports the school received an anonymous letter in the mail
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last week. it contained threats against several employees. e-mails were sent out alerting parents. anyone with information is asked to call police. san francisco police say just walking down the street using your smart phone can make you a target of thieves. according to the san francisco chronicle, there were more than 40 cell phone muggings reported in november, and the paper says most of them involve a gun, a knife or physical assault. police say smart phones have taken over purse snatchings as the street crime of choice in san francisco. a special memorial service will be held this morning for a san jose soldier who died in combat. the body of sean walsh arrived in moffette field yesterday. his family and officers in the santa clara police department were there. his mother also brought along his dog. >> lena would have been there when he came home anyway.
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and i just feel it's important to me that she welcomed him home. >> miss walsh says her son wanted to become a canine police officer and enlisted in the military to help prepare him for that job. she remembers her son is a happy young man who always made people laugh. sean walsh who was 21, was killed in afghanistan november 16th. his funeral will be held this saturday. it's 7:09. we want to check in with sal, big trouble for livermore valley. >> that's right. 580 westbound at the hacienda or -- santa rita road exit, there's a crash there involving a fatality, westbound 580 traffic backed up to the ata month mass. they're not reason letting people on the freeway, coming in from santa rita getting on to the freeway there.
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so 580 is just a mess. after the 680 interchange the traffic does move better. i want to move to the maps to the south where highway 17, near highway 9, there were some earlier trouble with a small grass fire caused by power lines came down. if you're a highway 17 driver, give yourself plenty of time. it's pretty windy and a lot of power lines are down in this area. live pictures now, show you the traffic on interstate 880 looks good in both directions. at the bay bring it's backed up for a 10 to 15-minute wait. no problems on the bridge. absolutely good visibility but you have to deal with the high winds as a tradeoff. 7:10. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. and a chamber of commerce day. we just won't tell anybody when we take the pictures here it was a windy day as well bus the visibility is just unbelievable. unlimited! you can see forever and a day! but we do have a lot of wind out there. the gusts are picking up now, just the pier, steady 30 miles per hour near the al pass,
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half. moon bay 40 to 45, the culprit if you want to blame somebody, down there. that low down in southern california, is producing some snow up in big bear lake, chain requirements trying to get to big bear so that's not just winds but in southern california that's the source of it there and also along the crest of the vera nevada. gusts from 50 to 100 miles per our over the hasan 12 hours. high pressure to the north, low pressure to the south. high pressure says i don't like that! so it fills with wind. once the low starts to move off towards the east, that relaxes the pressure gradient and things will calm down. the temperatures will plunge tonight and into tomorrow and again saturday morning but the wind advisory is out until 6:00 tonight. there's still gusts over 50, 60 miles per hour. gust at mount diablo 71 yesterday.
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so far only 55 to 60 today. but still if you're up in the higher elevations, things continue to rip along and even at the lower elevations, blustery, windy conditions. santa rosa west at 12. they've gone from nothing to -- i hear you. last hour, sonoma county airport, 58, the wind turned westerly, they're now 40. in one hour they've dropped 18 degrees. in ukiah, 31 degrees and not much wind. so once this wind dies down, we're going to have some brutally cold temps. 57 still in the city. leaves blowing around, and sunny and breezy. we'll continue that today. go for a high of 70. temperatures will be in the upper 60s or 70s as long as the wind blows. if it dies off, once of wind tails off it's a cold air mass over us. windy until tonight, lots of sunshine today but at the strong north wind for many. highs 60s and 70s. mild lows unless the wind tails off, then it's cold.
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forecasted highs in the 60s, 70s. 75 in napa but again, it all depending on the wind. if it stays, then yes. if it dies down, it will be about 65. breeze will die off tonight, then lows will be very cold. it will be sunny, crisp and clear. look at the lows on saturday morning inland, very, very cold. maybe another breezy wind event late sunday, monday. >> thank you, steve. will he stay or will he go? herman cain says he'll decide in the next few days but not before he talks to one specific person. >> get a man, they can get a teenager, they got a toddler -- one-year-old. >> what the family of a small child critically wounded in oakland this week is asking the public to do. >> and payback, what britain is doing after the attack on its embassy in iran and who else is taking action in an act of solidarity.
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good morning, skies are clear, yes they're clear. temperatures are in the 50s for many, and the wind advisories continue. we get gusts, 50 to 60 miles per hour. wind advisories will take us until 6:00 tonight. highs today, as long as the wind stays with us, in the 60s to mid-70s. most of the republican presidential candidates are campaigning in iowa and new hampshire today. but as allison burns reports, they're really turning up the heat on candidate newt gingrich. allison. >> reporter: that's right, dave. the strong showing in many state and national polls by newt gingrich has taken many of his rivals by surprise, especially former massachusetts governor mitt romney. several reports this morning say romney's aides are crafting a plan to come back gingrich's
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plan. lilt co reports they will start attacking gingrich's past policy shifts, and today the ron paul campaign is out with a new web ad calling gingrich a serial hypocrit. >> he's flipped and flopped based on who is paying him. >> he is demonstrating himself to be the very essence of the washington insiders. >> it's about serial hypocrisy. >> for his part, gingrich seems surprised by his own success. >> would have thought it was going to be mitt and not mit. it may turn on the to be newt and not newt. re designing campaign strategy because we're at least 60 days ahead of where i thought we would be. >> and a poll this week in florida shows newt gingrich way ahead, 30 point lead on mitt romney. allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. herman cain will decide
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whether or not to continue his presidential bid after he talks with his wife tomorrow. he says he has spoken with his wife on the telephone since the georgia woman went public with the allegation of a 13-year affair with cain. but cain wants to talk with his wife face-to-face, before making a decision. campaign appearance yesterday in ohio, cain said he is a victim of character assassination by his opponents. happening right now, the u.s. senate committee on foreign relations is holding a hearing on u.s. strategic objectives toward iran. the obama administration has been pushing for tougher restrictions on iran to urge the country to give up its nuclear program. these are live pictures now of the hearing in progress. meanwhile, britain has now closed its embassy in iran and is also ordered all iranian diplomatic staff in london to leave within 48 hours. the moves are in response to the attack on the british embassy in tehran on tuesday.
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officials say iranian police allowed protestors to ransack the embassy, set fires, if steal the personal belongings of embassy staff. germany, france and the netherlands recalled their ambassadors from iran in solidarity, and norway temporarily closed its embassy. early election results from egypt shows islamist parties could end up controlling a majority of the country's first parliament since hosni mubarak was forced from power. the moderate muslim brotherhood has won about 40% of the vote. another more conservative party appears to have won 25%. that would give the two islamist groups 65% of the parliamentary seats. the parents of an oakland toddler are asking everyone to pray for their little boy. the family is hoping the prayers will help little hyrum lawrence live to see his second
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birthday on december 28th. he was injured by gunmen, shot in the head monday night and now he's fighting for his life. >> they can get a man, they can get a teenager. they got a toddler, a one-year- old. he hasn't even been here long enough. he don't even know what is going on. he shouldn't have to go through this. >> this surveillance video shows the little boy looked there towards the circle there, he's in his father's arms moments after the shooting attack. those three gunmen are still on the loose this morning. a 35,000 dollar reward is offered for any information that leads to an arrest. allegations against the church of scientology, what a former member says she endured since the age of 18. plus, what the white house is announcing this morning as thousands are marking world aids day. >> good morning. right now highway 4 traffic, you can see traffic there is a little slow but we have a big
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problem on 580. we'll tell you more about that and the rest of the commute, coming up. í
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there's a big event to mark world aids day in washington, d.c. right now. the president will be announcing new hiv and aids initiatives. the president said today he plans to boost spending on treatment of the virus in the u.s. by $50 million. president obama will soon be speaking at george washington university but what you're looking at now is former president george w. bush speaking via satellite, and also former president bill clinton will also be speaking via satellite at this event to mark world aids day in washington, d.c. it has been 30 years since the first reported cases of hiv and aids were known in 1981. this year, the national aids memorial grove in san francisco
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is marking a smile stone of its own. a ceremony was held last night on the eve of world aids day to mark the 20th anniversary of the national aids memorial grove. dozens of people gathered to reflect on the lives lost to the disease. >> those of us who remember 20 years ago, remember a time when aids was reaping the finest people. >> more events are planned today at the grove, and throughout the city, as a reminder that millions of people are living with the disease and that millions of lives have been lost. a former scientologist now claims she was imprisoned for 12 years on a cruise ship. she says she was held against her will when she was 18 years old, after her mother denounced scientology when her father committed suicide. she also claims she was forced into hard labor and was never
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allowed to leave the cruise ship without an escort. the church of scientology says those claims are not true. we want to check in again with sal who says there's big approximate on 580 near livermore. >> that's 580 to dublin where there's a fatal crash on 580 westbound at santa rita exit, and the traffic is backed up for miles westbound as you drive up to the area. we have live pictures now of the investigation. you can see these pictures are up on diablo now, and these are live pictures of the -- coroner has arrived on the scene on 580, and they're putting a sheet over the body. only the left lane is closed, and we can throw up the live bug because this is a live picture there. thank you very much. 580 traffic is just a horrible mess. all the way back from the livermore, when you come into livermore to this exit here,
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and it's going to be there for a little longer as they clear this up. this is 580 at santa rita tess harra exit, and only the left lane is getting through. after the crash, the road is wide open. westbound bay bridge, you can see traffic is backed up for a big delay this morning. 20, 25 minutes. 880 north and southbound looking good. it's very windy out there. so use caution on your drive. let's go to steve. >> thank you. yesterday at this time we were doing with a lot of dense fog. that will not be an issue. the air mass is extremely dry and you can blame or thank the wind. lot of people -- the wind has been my experience, people dislike that the most and we'll industrial that today with advisories until 6:00 tonight. the source of the wind is strong low pressure to the south. southern california, strong high pressure to the north still getting most locations in north northwest. santa rosa airport, their temperature up and down like a
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elevator. it was 49, 58. now it's down to 40 all in the last three hours. and depending on a west wind or north wind. 50s for many, 57 san francisco. 57 with winds at 38 miles per hour. i do believe! high pressure will start to relax as that low moves off, and that will give us less wind. but still today sunny and windy. mild lows, but not tonight. there will be really cold lows. these forecasted highs are all dependent on if we continue with the north breeze. if we do, it will be really sunny and warm. if the wind tails off sooner it will be in the 60s. clearing, cold tonight. less wind and it will be really cold saturday morning with weekend always in view, mainly a lit breezy event sunday night into monday. >> thank you, steve. a disturbing incident leads to a police search in marin county. the allegations involve a grown man and a teenage girl. also new information about an overnight fire in the east bay. there's a cannabis connection.
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and the incident that may have angered many occupy protestors in santa cruz. state farm. this is jessica.
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good morning. there's a fatal accident this morning in dublin where several lanes of 580 are blocked. it's causing a huge traffic
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problem. paul chambers joins us from along interstate 580 with more details on what happened. paul. >> reporter: that's correct, this all happened just before 6:00 or just after 6:00 this morning. they're staying it was a person involved in a vehicle on the roadway, got struck by a vehicle. police tell me this is an open investigation. the only lane that is open at -- interstate 580 westbound at santa rita. the only lane open there is the far left lane. once you get past that spot, that's when the onramp is open and it gets wide and clear now. that's why you see a lot of cars able to pass through now. but at interstate 580 westbound, at santa rita, that's where it's down to one lane. it's backed up for miles and miles and miles. we do know the coroner's office is here, removing the bod from the roadway. we're not sure how long that will be happening but we do know that just after 6:00 it was an accident involving someone that was on the roadway
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in a vehicle. pleasanton police officers are here, there's chp here, all investigating now. we'll stay on top of had and let you know how it develops. if it you're traveling this way, please expect to be in traffic for a little bit longer as they're working to clean up the area. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you, paul. investigators have now confirmed that an overnight fire in san leandro is linked to an illegal marijuana operation. firefighters responded to a home on gramercy driver around 1:00 this morning. they say illegal wiring sparked flames in the basement of the two-story home. investigators are now waiting for a search warrant but tell ktvu they found a substantial illegal operation with pot plants in various stages of growth. a police search is underway in marin county for a man who police say may have tried to kidnap a young girl.
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it happened in larkspur near the marin brewing company last night. police say a man walked up to a group of young girls and grabbed an 11-year-old by her shirt. she screamed and reportedly fought him off. the suspect fled. police say he's a white man in his 40s, 5 feet 6 inches tall with shoulder length curly gray hair. he was wearing a long brown corduroy coat and dark panels. a campus alert issued at stanford university after a student was tied up and robbed inside a campus apartment. coming up at 7:45, ktvu's pam cook will join us from the newsroom with details on the incident and a description of who police are looking for. there was an earthquake overnight in berkeley. the quake was a magnitude 2.3. it hit just after 11 last night. then it was followed by a strong aftershock. two hours later. there's no word yet of any damage and it's not clear if these quakes are tied to
7:34 am
several other quakes that shook the berkeley area back in october. there's a lot of do you understand trees around the bay area this morning. in oakland, this tree crashed down on power lines and on to a parked truck. this is bridge avenue. police responded, they blocked off the street while pg&e crews made their repairs. so far there's no word of any injuries. a high wind warning is still in effect for the east bay hills. high winds caused power lines to arc in san leandro, touching off a fire inside a vacant building overnight. pg&e crews spent hours trying to restore power. coming up in a half hour, a live report from san leandro on the mess stretching for several city blocks. and the winds are even more damaging in southern california. here's a look at los angeles. you can see the wind shaking the camera. gusts up to 100 miles an hour were reported overnight causing pasadena to declare a state of
7:35 am
emergency. in the hardest hit areas, roofers were blown off homes, 200 and 50,000 people are without power. the winds are expected to pick up again tonight. and l.a.x. also lost power in the windstorm. at least 20 flights were diverted to ontario international airport because of the wind and debris on the runways. officials say the power is back up now at l.a.x. and the runways have been cleared. later today, bart is expected to begin the first public transit agency to limit cell phone service blackouts in the stations. the new policy was only allow stations to interrupt cell phone service during extraordinary threats. the bart was criticized for cutting off cell phone service in the station in august aimed at stopping a planned protest against shootings by bart police. bart's board will meet at 9:00 this morning in oakland. this morning a san francisco jury will begin its
7:36 am
first full day of deliberations in johannes mehserle's new trial. mehserle and four current bart officers are accused of beating kenneth caruthers of the oakland bart station back in 2008. at the coliseum station. the man claims the officers became angry at him after he cursed at them. they is charging civil rights violations and seeking more than a million dollars damage. that incident happened just six weeks before the fatal shooting of oscar grant. a federal judge is considering the aclu latest legal move in support of the occupy oakland protestors. aclu lawyers claim police used excessive force during the two occupy oakland raids, violatingth protestors' constitutional rights of free speech. the lawyers even took that one step further. they contend the raids could discourage the occupy demonstrators from attending future demonstrations. oakland city attorney says that
7:37 am
claim is pure speculation. the city of petaluma has given occupy protestors in that city a 24-hour permit extension. tonight's new deadline could give the demonstrators enough time to get permission for an even longer stay. the petaluma protestors have spent the past month in a downtown park under a single large canopy tent. city leaders have had little problem with the protestors. another occupy protest is scheduled in san francisco today. this one involves students at san francisco's state university. they plan to meet at the malcolm x plaza at 3 p.m. for a march and rally. today's occupy demonstration is focused mainly on the recent college tuition hikes. occupy demonstrators in santa cruz are showing their anger over the latest police raid in that city. last night police in riot gear removed some of the 150 protestors who took over a vacant bank building. it was a brief scuffle, when
7:38 am
the officers first moved in. but there's no word of any arrest. make sure you stay right here with ktvu news for continuing coverage of the occupy protests. you can get updates at any time by going to our channel 2 website, a u.s. district judge is siding with the federal government when it comes to a crackdown on medical marijuana. yesterday she rejected a request to buy marijuana dispensaries to prohibit the fed from seizing their property or filing charges against them. lawyers accuse the government of entrapment because the obama administration indicated two years ago it would not target dense business rinse dispensaries. but a judge says marijuana remains illegal under federal law jurors, . the board of supervisors will consider a measure next year to offer a one-time payroll tax break of $10,000 to
7:39 am
companies that hire ex-cons. supporters hope the program will reduce the nearly 70% recidivism rate of felons in san francisco. now we know the cause of that huge fire that destroyed an apartment complex in berkeley two weeks ago. investigators say it started when an electrical malfunction in the basement of the building and is appears to be accidental. that fire displaced 70 people and damaged two well-known businesses. the chronicle reports the building had a history of electrical problems, one of which caused another fire back in february. a proposal to renovate the athletic fields on the western only of golden gate park will be the subject of a meeting in san francisco today. the city wants to add lighting and replace the grass fields with synthetic turf. a plan officials say the changes could cut down on maintenance and also increase the playing time out there. however, critics say this project could cause the loss of
7:40 am
dozens of trees and also hurt the wildlife habitat. we have an update this morning on the story we told you about, an east bay charity the victim of a thief. donations to the friends of oakley have been pouring in after we reported food, toys and blankets for hundreds of needy families were stolen. now wells fargo bank has donated $4,000. other individuals and businesses are also providing cash and food. police are still looking for whoever brought into the group's storage locker. caltrans is pledging to fix its management problems. department officials addressed the legislative hearing yesterday. lawmakers asked if caltrans has fostered a culture where employees allowing employees to abuse privileges and jeopardize
7:41 am
public safety. caltrans fired two people in connection to a sacramento bee investigation. it exposed fabricated data, improper testing of bridges and the theft of state and federal property. the state is now examining whether tests on the bay bridge were done accurately. caltrans says there were a lot of very thorough tests on the bay bridge, they're confident everything is fine. we've got a major mess on 580. sal, you're still watching that, right? >> right. our crew is there when they opened up the lanes just a few moments ago. 580 at santa rita, just moments an they watched as the lanes were opened. they were closed for more than an hour here, and 580 is just a huge mess still, coming in from livermore and heading west towards castro valley. that's 580 in dublin, and it's going to be a mess again. the lanes are all open, still a couple vehicles on the shoulder, and so at least some of the lanes -- some of that traffic i should say is getting through. but it will take a while for all of this to unwind after a fatal crash. let's move along and look at 2337, westbound. you can see traffic is going to be a little slow crossing 880. and this morning at the bay
7:42 am
bridge, we have a backup that stretches for 20 minutes. it's a big crash or big backup, all the way out to the mcarthur maze. steve. >> thank you, still very good morning. diane just tweeted me from kings mountain in santa cruz mountains. calm. not far away though, gusts to 50 miles an hour. so just depends on where you are. most locations it's still breezy, blustery. some wind 40 to 50 miles an hour. it will relax by tonight but still you can see there's a northerly breeze or santa rosa says west at 12, yet our observer anna on twitter says still blowing north there. there's still a breezy day today with that high pressure to the north, low pressure in southern california. and it continues to fill with wind. the good news is the visibility is off the charts. it is forever. but that strong north wind also is going to once that tails off are our air mass is so dry,
7:43 am
temperatures overnight will really drop into maybe some 20s tomorrow, definitely on saturday morning for inland areas, not on the coast. still wind advisory, now a high wind warning until 10 for the north bay which doesn't make much sense to me. but wind advisory goes until 6:00 almost everybody today, takes me too much explaining it all so just say wind advisories. 40 santa rosa. they were 58 an hour ago. if the wind tapers off, it's raring topping we have enough of a breeze to keep most temperatures in the 50s. san francisco 57. gusts to 38 in the last hour. sunny, breezy about noon, and 70 for the high today as long as the wind continues. as long as that breeze continues to kick up things, atmosphere stays mixed up little bit. we'll have temperatures that will be very mild. but once the wind tails off, that low will move and it's already showing signs that 42 arizona and four corners. that will relax the pressure
7:44 am
grid yet. wind until tonight. lots of sunshine today and northerly brose. northeast later on. but mild lows, great visibility. mostly mild lows. little cool for some. sunny and windy. 60s, 70s again at 75. napa 74. santa rosa all denying on the north winds staying at least to about 2 or 3:00. breezy tomorrow but nothing compared to like today. and then clear skies, very, very cold saturday morning with weekend always in view. maybe another system clipping us for another breezy pattern late sunday, monday. starting today, patients who take the cholesterol drug lipitor may pay less for their prescriptions. pfizer is patent on lipitor expired yesterday, so patients can now get a generic version of the drug that is expected to cost between 30 and 50% less than the brand name drug. lipitor is the bestselling prescription drug of all time. new jobless numbers are just out this morning. what it says about the job market and how it's impacting
7:45 am
stocks. and as penn state students express their biggest concern about the sex scandal, there's new word this morning what the school is doing to try to improve their image.
7:46 am
7:47 am
stocks are lower now a day after the market had its best day in two years. reports this morning by american retailers show november sales were better than expected bolstered by a strong turnout on black friday. live look at the big boards, the dow down 26. the nasdaq and s&p both down about one. with what is weighing on the markets is the latest numbers from the labor department. they're worse than expected.
7:48 am
402,000 people filed for new jobless benefits hasan week. that's up 6,000 from the week before. most economists forecast the number would hold steady. the unemployment report for all of november comes out tomorrow, and economists expect the jobless rate will remain at the national rate of 9%. stores and restaurants are seeing more customers using credit cards again. nearly 7 1/2% more black friday purchases were made with credit cards this year compared with last year. it's a sign americans are feeling more comfortable with credit after months of paying off credit card debt. that could also be good news for businesses, since shoppers often buy more when they use credit cards instead of cash. penn state pledged to donate $1.5 million to groups helping sex crimes victim, and the money will come from the football team's bowl game earnings. the university last night held a campus forum on the sex abuse scandal. the school president vowed a
7:49 am
transparent investigation into how the university handled chummages charges against jerry sandusky. students fear penn state's tarnished reputation will ruin their chances of every getting hired when they graduate no i can assure that you we've been told that is not the case. they're not only not retreating from their interests in penn state students, many of them are refamily sizing it. >> the school has also sent letters to perspective students, encouraging them to apply. while the letters don't mention the capped al directly, they urge people to reach out to admissions if they have more questions. students at stanford are being warned to be on alert this morning after reports of a scary incident. pam cook is in the studio with the details of what happened on campus. pam. >> reporter: a student at stanford was robbed at gunpoint inside a campus apartment building. police say it happened at about
7:50 am
8:00 last night in a graduate student housing complex in the escondido village. officers tell us a man and a woman somehow forced their way into an apartment and tied up the person inside. they stole a laptop, wallet and some cash, but the victim was not hurt. >> this is a isolated incident. we don't have a motive at this time. the suspects have not been apprehended. >> here's a sketch of the male suspect. he is described as latino, 20 it 30 years old with a medium build. the woman he was with was also armed. she is described as latina, 20 to 30 years old as well, and she was wearing dark clothing at the time. if you saw anything suspicious, you are urged to call the public safety department at the university. we talked to students at stanford. they're very nervous about this situation. they say the biggest crime they usually worry about is a stolen bike. dave. >> thank you. cal state trustees
7:51 am
cancelled a special meeting where they're talking about the salaries of campus presidents. the trustees were planning to meet in long beach on monday but they cancelled that meeting because of safety concerns. protestors clashed with the police at their last meeting just two weeks ago. the trustees expect to take up the issue of salaries of presidents in january. good news for millions of american workers. the post recession comeback. also, we've all heard about man bites dog. wait until you hear about dog shoots man.
7:52 am
7:53 am
most companies that cut back on matching workers 401(k) contributions during the recession are reinstating that benefit. up to 260 companies that cut or stopped payments to 401(k) accounts, 75% have now restored
7:54 am
them. but companies report nearly 30% of current planned participants are not contributing enough to get all of the company matching money. burgering king following the lead of mcdonald's and charging for toys in kids' meals. the 10-cent charge only applies to restaurants in san francisco. this is burger king's way of complying with the new city law which took effect today. the new ordinance bans chain restaurants from giving out free toys with kids' meals that don't meet strict nutritional standards. mcdonald's announced yesterday it will charge 10 cents for its toys, and the money will go to its ronald mcdonald fund. a news health report showing less than one-third of california students are achieving the state's physical fitness goals. the state tests fifth, seventh and ninth gridders, and the latest results show the average score for all groups is just 31% this year. the goal is for the students to meet fitness standards in six
7:55 am
areas, to prevent diseases that result from inactivity. a utah man is recovering in morning after accidentally being shot by a dog. it all happened during a duck hunting trip. the hunter says he and his brother in will you were about to take out a boat to get a wounded duck from the pond. that's when the brother-in- law's dog jumped into the boat, on to a loaded bebe gun and accidentally fired it. 27 pelts hit the man. he says he is a little embarrassed. >> that hurts more than the bebe shots! >> he's okay. sal is our commute okay? >> it's not going to the dogs, dave. i had to use it. that's awful! now you see why i'm the traffic reporter. westbound 580 -- westbound 880 backed up from the macarthur maze. it's not backed up all the way out to the maze, just a little improvement. but there's certainly a lot of
7:56 am
slow traffic here. 880 northbound, look at all that slow traffic passing the construction zone. so there will be plenty of slow traffic driving up there. 580 west 1 also the same thing in oakland. if you're coming through the livermore valley, you heard we had an earlier accident at 580. that is cleared. finally. but it was out there for so long the traffic is way backed up into the valley. if you're coming in from tracy and livermore, heading over to 680, you will see a lot of slow traffic. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. very good visibility. crystal career. but the wind advisories will take us until 6:00 tonight. not too bad along the coast. it's mainly this is more of an inland event for higher elevations, although scott. in the santa cruz mountains says one minute it's calm, the next minute it's howling some there are areas where you're like, oh, that wind! still going to be with us off and on, gusts 50, 60 miles per hour. the low responsible for it in
7:57 am
southern california will just meander for about a day, then kick out probably tomorrow. once it does, the wind will relax. still very good wind up in the higher elevations and even at the surface, probably not another 70-mile-an-hour wind like yesterday, but 60s certainly possible today. santa rosa 43. you can see that cold air coming down from mendocino county. and believe me, tonight once of wind stops it will be really cold tonight, tomorrow morning and also on saturday morning. high pressure, large and in charge big-time. still no sign of any rain here in the next five to seven days. i don't like that. we need the rain. 60s, 70s on temps again all depending on the wind. if it stays north or stays up and the temperatures will be warm. if it dies off, then we'll be in the 60s. that will happen tomorrow, and the cold lows on the weekend inland areas that will not be on the coast, but inland areas will be in the 20s for wind- protected areas, marijuana another wind event not as strong at today's, late sunday and monday.
7:58 am
>> big changes. thank you. steve. deadlines and defiance, new developments in the occupy protest here in the bay area. >> we're live in san francisco, where firefighters make two dramatic rescues this morning. we'll tell how they managed to get people out of this burning building. >> crews are still cleaning up from the overnight wind. we'll tell you about the damage we're seeing.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is thursday, december1st. topping our news at 8:00, two people were critically injured just a couple hours ago in san francisco when an early morning fire in the city's mission district. ktvu's tara moriarity has been there all morning. any word on how it started? >> reporter: no word yet on how this started, but we have some really amazing rescue stories emerging from this fire. if you look at the top floor of the building where it started, you can see how the windows are broken. that's where people were trying to escape. you can actually see blood on the windowsill where a man cut himself trying to jump. a firefighter was able to get
8:01 am
him and carried him out the front door. and another firefighter used a ladder at that same window to save a woman. >> my roommate alice was yelling get up, get up! and i was just going, why? i didn't understand. she's like, there's a fire! >> obviously, some scary moments for the 14 people who live here and a six-unit apartment building on 24th between mission and valencia. four victims were hurt, two critically, with severe burns. flames broke out on the top floor at 4:30 this morning. within three mince, it was upgraded to a two-alarm fires. firefighters had 2 out within an hour. >> i woke up to the smell of smoke and the sound of things crackling outside my window. and got out, looked out to the front, didn't see anything, and so looked confused. >> woke everyone up and went outside. called 911. at which point someone from upstairs had come running down,
8:02 am
couldn't breathe. >> many folks walked out in their pajamas, some of grabbed whatever clothes they could red cross is helping the victims find places to stay and they're going to let them go back inside later this morning to retrieve some belongings. arson investigators are here, that's the woman in the blue helmet that you can see, she's trying to determine what sparked the fire. the chief says it originated at the back of the building where the rear decks are charred off. we'll talk to the investigator and figure out how it started and bring it to you at 8:30. hours before that fire, a fire in san leandro and high winds are blamed for that blaze and the mess on nearby streets. claudine wong has a look at all the havoc caused by the winds. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning. yes, the windy night and morning, and the winds are picking up again out here. show you on east 14th some of
8:03 am
what we're seeing. if we are go over there, metal fence line and you can see on the top of the roofs the winds are in a yank off some of that metal sheeting. we've been showing you this fence line all morning because it was knocked down -- overnight by the winds. the crews are here trying to get back to worth. they've picked up some of the fences and then you can see the plywood. they've propped up part of fence there, just to get it up and out of the way. so they can get back to work this morning. a christmas tree lot, they do have a little picking up to do after winds toppled the trees. we've seen at least two different christmas tree lots that this morning, with that same problem. a few blocks away from that, wind knocked down power lines, knocked out power and started a fire overnight. it all happened late last night. firefighters did have that fire out in about 30 minutes. and this morning we're there as pg&e crews responded to that incident. they did get power back up by
8:04 am
5:30 this morning. but then told us they were just making their way across the bay area to other hot spots and troubled areas because of this wind. again, if we come back out here live, not a lot of big problems obviously related to this wind. they are just obviously picking up their fence and getting back to work. but certainly we have another busy day ahead. so as they put up the fences and get ready to go back to work, just watching for that wind to come up through here. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. the lanes are become open on northbound highway 10 one after a wind related accident there. the chp says a car collided with a tree near the north matilda avenue exit early this horning. officers think the high winds knocked down the tree. still not clear if the driver was hurt. traffic is moving again, but the chp is warning drivers the road may be filled with debris from that fallen tree.
8:05 am
pg&e crews working to get powers back on to thousands of customers affected by wind related outages. pg&e says over 21,000 customers have no power in the santa cruz county area. 90 customers on the peninsula are still affected, along with 170 in the east bay, 890 in the south bay, and 480 customers in the north bay. san francisco has no outages. pg&e is reminding everybody if you don't have power, use flashlights instead of candles, just to reduce the fire danger. high winds fanned a fire in monterey county. it started around 9:00 last night on highway 198, west of priest valley road. about 50 acres of vegetation burned. the fire was finally contained by 5 this morning. there are no injuries, and no word on what sparked it. a burn ban has been issued for monterey and san benito counties through saturday. strong winds apparently brought down part of a tree in
8:06 am
san francisco. this is new video taken just a short time ago near lombard and webster streets. a big branch is blocking some parking meter spaces, but otherwise traffic does not appear to be affected. an autopsy will be perform on the body found in the merced river at yosemite national park. the rangers think the body may be one of the three people who died last july. they were swept over vernal falls, only one of the bodies was recovered. witnesses say they -- the three plummeted to their deaths because they ignored warning signs. hikers went around a guardrail at the top of the falls, about 317 feet high. marin county sheriff's deputies are increasing patrols around miller creek middle school in marinwood after death threats made against staff members. the newspaper reports a letter last week that contained threats against several employees. e-mails were sent out alerting
8:07 am
parents. if you have any information, contact the police. san francisco police say just walking down the street using your smart phone can make you a target of thieves. according to the san francisco chronicle, there were more than 40 cell phone muggings reported in november, and the chronicle says most of them involve a gun, a knife or physical assault. police say smart phones have taken over purse snatchings as the street crime of choice in san francisco. the latest deadline in the occupy san francisco protest is now just hours away. the city has given demonstrators until noon today to take down their tents. the city leaders say the camp at the foot of market has become a public health nuisance and they want the protestors to move to a vacant school lot in the mission district. something the protestors resisted because they say the naked is not so great. an occupy santa rosa
8:08 am
protestors will have to move out of their campsite by midnight tonight. that's when their permits to camp outside city hall are set to expire. the city put and end to the permitting process because of safety and sanitary issues. last week police cleared out all campers without permits. they're urging all other people to leave peacefully by the dead loin. and i read an article that a lot of these campers and protestors say they'll take a hiatus during the winter, but they're going to use that time to come back stronger in the spring. >> oh, boy. okay. sal, i know you've been following a fatal accident. what is the latest on that? >> the crash has gone, dave. and right now the traffic on 580 is very slow. dave and tori, this is video taken just a while ago. as the coroner removed the body near tassahara? rita exit. 580 was down to one lane for an hour this morning, and even though the crash is gone, we watched them clear it just a
8:09 am
few moments ago, the traffic is still backed up big-time into livermore and on to the altamont pass some if you're driving on 580 wondering what the slowdown is about or going to be out there soon, that's what happened. earlier crash now gone. let's look at a live picture of interstate 880. the winds are still with us. this camera mounted on a building near the coliseum. you can see it's bouncing pretty well here in the wind. westbound 580, clears out or gets slow approaching the macarthur maze. and 80 westbound you can see a big backup the bay bridge toll plaza. let's go to steve. >> thank you. the wind started yesterday afternoon, cranked up last night and continued into this morning. and the wind has brought an unexpected surprise to a couple living in brentwood. phil and christy woke up and found a trampoline in their backyard. they don't own a trampoline. but the wind -- blew it up and over the fence into their
8:10 am
backyard. they say the neighbors tracked it down and reclaimed it yesterday evening. if you have any photos you'd like to send us, a trampoline or whatever, send it to us or post them on our facebook page and we'll get it on the air. yeah, honey, there's someone at the door wondering if we have a trampoline in our backyard! so the wind still there, the visibility is just -- hardly ever see it this great. just outstanding visibility. still some snow down in southern california. down to big bear lake and gusts of about 70 to 100 miles per hour last 24 hours down there. also up towards mount shasta and sierra nevada. but for us, the wind is going to tail off later. but it's still from 25 to 50 miles per hour, although san jose says west at 17, santa rosa west at 9. still north 22. that the sfo peggy in lafayette just tweeted me, said she's going to put rocks in her pockets today so she doesn't blow away. i like that! north 23 out at travis and it's
8:11 am
still there, the northerly breeze. as long as we keep that going, temperatures today will be very mild. really cold tonight though once the wind tails off. strong north wind until 6:00. there's a couple high wind warnings out there. but just we have win warnings or wind advisories out until this evening, then things should taper off. but i still think tomorrow will be a little on the breezy side. look at the difference in the temps. 43 at santa rosa. really cold readings coming in from mendocino county, that's all going to work its way south as the wind drops off and that cold dry air mass will start to show itself. but probably not until tonight, then tomorrow. breezy, windy. 57 to start in san francisco. 58 right now. 65 and high today of 70 as long as that breeze keeps going. it's sunny. that's the easy forecast. and carving it seven city with the low down into southern california, that all equals wind. so sunny, windy, mild lows for most. great visibility. 60s and 70s as long as the
8:12 am
breeze keeps blowing, there will be low to mid-70s. if it tails off or doesn't materialize, or stops suddenly, then temperatures will drop fast. and they will tonight. still breese on friday and with weekend always in view, it will be sunny and really cold on the lows, especially towards wind- protected areas, not the coast. could see another breezy wind event late sunday into monday. >> thank you. it is december! a new display in san francisco will -- life into late 19th century. construction workers uncovered artifacts that the project on beal and mission streets, a working class neighborhood during the late 1800s. bottles and other items used by working class irish and immigrant chinese families have been found. the exhibit is open to the public right on the lobby of the building at 201 mission street. >> beautiful things there! all right. it's a tragic holiday season
8:13 am
for one bay area military family. the memorial service today for a fallen soldier. an arrest in the case of a firefighter critically injured in a hit-and-run crash. why this investigation is far from over. i joined the navy when i was nineteen. i was a commissioned officer at twenty-three. i was an avionics... tactical telecommunications... squad leader. i think the hardest transition as you get further into the military is...
8:14 am
you know it's going to end one day. chase hired me to be a personal banker. i'm a business analyst... manager. i'm very proud to work for chase. when you hire a veteran, you get... great leadership... decisiveness... focus. chase knows, when you hire a veteran, you're hiring america's best. chase is proud to help 100,000 veterans find jobs at home.
8:15 am
good morning. still very breezy to windy at times. temperatures in the 50s for many although when the wind dies down it will be a cold. sunny today, crystal clear
8:16 am
visibility. near 70 degrees. it's:15. republican presidential candidates are turning up the heat on former house speaker newt gingrich. his surge in won't polls has husband rivals. looking for ways to bring him back down. allison. >> reporter: tori in the big news for newt gingrich is that he is now leading the pack in the key swing state of florida, and he is climbing in other national and state polls as well. now his search has hit mitt romney's momentum the hardest. there are several reports this morning romney is going to start directly attacking gingrich for inconsistent positions on issues like climate change and immigration. and romney will reportedly start highlighting his own 42- year marriage as a contrast to gingrich's three marriages. the ron paul campaign is out with one of the most stinging primary ads yet, calling gingrich a serial hypocrit. >> as hard-core lobbying and that's newt gingrich is doing.
8:17 am
>> politicians who brought revenue. >> there are now reports of our controversial ties to the health care industry. >> some analysts are saying that going too hard after newt gingrich might actually backfire for the other candidates by putting too much attention on him and turning off voters. reporting live, allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. herman cain will decide if he'll continue his presidential campaign after he talked with his wife tomorrow. the republican candidate says he talked to his wife by phone, since a woman from georgia claims she had a 13-year affair with cain. but he says he wants to talk to his wife face-to-face, before deciding the future of his campaign. now in appearances in ohio yesterday, cain said he is a victim of character assassination by his opponents. tomorrow california governor jerry brown is expected to unveil a plan to raise taxes to deal with the state's ongoing budget deficit.
8:18 am
the governor plans to put a measure on the ballot next november, asking voters to approve a temporary increase in the sales tax and a 1% increase on income tax rates for people whoer morning than $250,000 a year. a special memorial service will be held this morning for a 21-year-old san jose soldier who died in combat. the body of sean walsh arrived at moffette field yesterday. his family and officers from the santa clara police department were there. walsh wanted to become a canine police officer. he enlisted in the military to help him prepare for that. he was killed in afghanistan, november 18th. his funeral will be held this saturday. and about 1800 people turned out for the funeral of a danville marine killed in afghanistan. foale marines escorted joshua
8:19 am
corral's coffin into the church yesterday. he was 19 years old and graduate of san ramon valley high school. he died during his first tour in afghanistan. he was a sweeper. he walked in front of his squad looking for improvised exposives devices. surveillance video helped catch a man suspected of mowing down a firefighter in san francisco on thanksgiving. a camera at a fast-food restaurant captured the suspect, 22-year-old eduardo's can develop. witnesses say he and the victim albert bartell got no a fight. he allegedly ran the man down at a gas station later. he suffered life-threatening injuries and remains in a coma. he is already undergone three surgeries since the hit-and- run. he faces felony charges  including attempted murder and assault with great bodily injury. >> he's young and very strong, and i'm counting on that to help him. he's not responsive, so i'm
8:20 am
praying that during this time of deep rest that inside he's -- things are connecting and that he's healing. >> bartell served in iraq and has a two-year-old daughter named elizabeth. he is already undergone three surgeries since the hit-and- run. the other man faces felony charges including attempted murder. police are continuing to look for the vehicle involved in a hit-and-run described as a black suv, possibly a ford or mazda, with front end damage. our time is 8:20. a coroner's report reportedly clears sacramento police in the death of a man who was in their custody. police arrested 32-year-old tyrone smith after he allegedly shot a twin rivers officer. smith lost consciousness in the become of the police car while being taken to jail. an autopsy report attributes his death to bronchitis, heart disease, and marijuana use. however, police critics have been -- have suggested that
8:21 am
smith died from excessive force. a strange twist, a former sheriff in colorado is now in jail, in a jail named in his honor. 68-year-old retired sheriff patrick sullivan was arrested on drug charges. he is accused of giving drugs in exchange for sex to male police informants. back in 2001, he was named the sheriff of the year and the patrick j sullivan junior detention facility was named in his honor. a bomb scare at a busy bay area post office. a man responsible for the incident tells his story. also the first to bring the olympics back to lake tahoe. it's now a double-team effort. >> good morning. 280 northbound you can see slow traffic here getting up to highway 17. we'll tell you more about the windy commute.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
students is apologizing this morning for a bomb scare at san jose's main post office that led to this. on tuesday the bomb squad blew up a package that a mysterious man in a gas mask left outside the post office. that man contacted police. turns out he is a cal state east bay nursing student and says the mask is actually a
8:25 am
cardio mask which he wears while running to mimic the effects of exercising at high altitudes. he also apologized for causing all the concern. california and nevada planning to make a bid to host the 2022 winter olympics at lake tahoe. back in 1960, squaw valley hosted the winter games. salt lake city hosted the last winter games in the u.s. in 2002. denver is already contacted the u.s. olympic national committee about hosting the 2022 winter olympics. a final decision about 2022 is expected in about three years. >> seems like a long way off! start preparing. all right. let's check in with sal. see what is happening on the roads. still windy out there. >> and is, and steve says the wind will last for a while so you should make plans to be driving in high winds and bay area bridges and causeways. we're looking at all the bridges and it is nice and clear, but very windy across all the spans. still a background backup at
8:26 am
the bay bridge but once you get on the span, you will notice it's gusty. san mateo, dumbarton, traffic looking good. also for the golden gate. at 8:25. let's go to steve. we do have wind advisories taking us until 6:00 tonight. and they may fine tune that, but we are look for just a crystal clear day. temperatures will be in the 60s or 70s if we can hold on to that north wind. but the wind advisories make it touch. still gusts 40 to 50. some. higher elevations. the reason that strong low in southern california. just saw tweet from big bear lake, they're saying come on up, we have lots of new snow! yes, not here though. we're clear. and we'll continue to sit there and 40s and 50s on the temps. 58 mountainview. palo alto airport gusts to 30. mountainview moffette 33, 47 at half moon bay. take your pick. 55 some of higher elevations, above the oakland 72 gusts to
8:27 am
40. everything has just coming down out of the north. pattern does not look good for any rain. i can't find anything yet. sunny and undery, 60s and 70s. if the wind tails off, and it tonight, the temperatures will plunge. but just the days are getting so short here. sunny, breezy on friday. then the overnight lows on the weekend for inland areas will be extremely cold. very cold. maybe another little ripple in the jetstream causing wind again late sunday and monday. >> time is 8:27. anger and grief over a horrifying crime on the streets of oakland. >> get a man, get a teenager, but they got a toddler. >> the wounded child's mother talking about the senseless shoot that left her little boy fighting for his life. >> we're live in san francisco, where we're getting our first glimpse of flames from a burning building. we'll tell you about dramatic rescues this morning. >> also some of the worst santa
8:28 am
ana winds in years, look at this! blasting southern california, incredible pictures. a live report just ahead. [ jamaul ] good jobs in tough times. a chance to move up and do better. [ delaunta ] excellent healthcare. [ caletha ] beautiful benefits. what they used to call the american way. it still works here. [ jennifer ] not a single layoff of a u.s. manufacturing worker. [ glen ] not one. not one. doing things the right way. quality. [ jimmeka ] building cars that americans want. [ jamaul ] right here in america. hyundai is an all-american success story. ♪
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good morning. welcome badge topping our news right now, two people were critically injured this morning in an early morning fire in san francisco. this started about 4:30 in the city's mission district. ktvu's tara moriarity has been out there for hours. she's back now with the very latest. tara. >> reporter: we were able to get ahold of the arson investigators and they have a good idea of what caused this fire. but at this point they're not saying. it's probably accidental but no official confirmation just yet. we did get our first cell phone video in from one of residents
8:31 am
here showing flames. four victims were hurt, two critically with severe burns. flames broke out on the top floor of a six-unit parm building on 24th between mission and valencia. a man and woman were trapped and you can also see blood on the windowsill where a man cut himself trying to escape. a firefighter was able to get him and carried him out the front door. then another firefighter used a ladder to save a woman. more than a dozen people got out safely. one woman woke up her roommate and told them to run. >> i was really glad we all got out. but there's a little where is everyone else? we don't know all of our neighbors so how many people actually live in this building, are they all here? >> looks like 14 residents are being displaced. we snuck around the back of the building where you can see the decks are burned off. many folks walked out in their pajamas, some grabbed whatever clothing they come red cross is
8:32 am
helping the victims find places to stay. they'll let them go become inside this morning and retrieve some belongings. again arson investigators are trying to determine what sparked the fire here. the chief's wife says she believes it did originate towards the back of the building. tara moriarity, ktvu channel 2 news. san rafael residents warned, lock your doors. police say there have been a dozen burglaries reported in the past month and a half. the dominican, terra linda and west end neighborhoods have been hit. most of the time the burglars got in through an unlocked door or window. the police are telling marin independent journal the crimes happened either early in the morning or early in the evening. investigators aren't sure yet if the same burglar or group of burglars pulled off all the crimes. police search is underway in marin county now for a man who police say may have tried to kidnap a young girl. this happened in larkspur near the marin brewing company about 7 last night.
8:33 am
police say a man walked up to a group of young girls and grabbed an 11-year-old by her shirt. she screamed, and fought hum off. the suspect fled. police describe them as a white man in his 40s, about 5-foot 6 inches tall, with shoulder length curly gray hair. he was wearing a long brown corduroy coat and dark pants. there are a lot of downed trees around the bay area this morning. in oakland, a tree came crashing down on to some power lines and a parked truck on bridge avenue. police responded that blocked off the street while pg&e crews made repairs. there are no reports of injuries. a high wind warning remains in effect for the east bay hills until 6:00 tonight. and fire investigators are are blame this is fire on the high winds in san leandro. the winds caused two power lines to arc sparking the blaze around 11:30 last night. it took firefighters about a half hour to contain it.
8:34 am
the fire gutted the vacant building. boy, the santa ana winds are wreaking havoc in southern california this morning. a large tree fell and crushed a gas station. our reporter lauren is there to show us and tell us about it, and the clean-up. good morning, lauren. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. yes, it's been incredible seen here in pasadena. extensive damage from those santa ana winds. pasadena now under a state of emergency this morning. take a look at this shell gas station. a tree fell on top of the canopy overnight, just crushing it. luckily, these gas pumps shut off automatically and cases of emergency like this. so there's no chance of a fuel leak or anything like that. but as you can see extensive damage. now that the winds have died down, people have been coming out here, taking photos of this, and the media has been out here all morning of course, people slowing down on the side of the road it take pictures
8:35 am
because it really is an incredible scene. the owner says it will take months for him to get reopened again. the employee who was here overnight when this happened said one minute he was cleaning off the swimmingees, the next minute he heard a snap and that tree came crashing down. luckily no one was injured in this accident. but a lot of damage to clean up and a lot of damage to clean up throughout pasadena. there are downed trees everywhere, downed power lines. the city manager has asked people to stay home today, to stay off the roads if you don't need to travel because there's so much debris in the roads that are clogging it and creating a lot of traffic hassles for this city that needs to clean up this mess. that's the latest from pasadena. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, lauren. in just the past 10 minutes, we've got an update. new numbers from pg&e about how many have no power now because of wind damage.
8:36 am
the number has gone up since the last hour. the biggest outages in santa cruz county. more than 22,000 people have no electricity. here in the bay area, 6500 people have no electricity. the largest number in the east bay, where more than 4100 customers are affected. pg&e just wants to remind everybody if you don't have power, use flashlights instead of candles to reduce fire danger. today bart is expected to become the nation's first public transit agency to limit cell phone service blackouts in stations. the new policy would allow only -- only allow stations to interrupt cell phone service during extraordinary threats. bart was criticized for cutting off cell phone service in a san francisco station in august to stop a planned protest against shootings by transit police. bart's board plans to meet at 9:00 this morning in oakland. also this morning, a san francisco jury will begin its
8:37 am
first full day of deliberations in johannes mehserle's new trial. mehserle and four current bart officers are accused of beating kenneth caruthers at the oakland coliseum station in 2008. the oakland man claims the officers became enraged after he cursed at them. he is seeking more than a million dollars. the incident happened six weeks before the fatal shooting of oscar grant. sal has been very busy, a have to assume it's really windy around the bridge. >> yes, it is really windy. this morning the commute has been affected by the wind. some power lines have come down throughout the bay area. highway 4 the traffic is much better than it was. still a little slow in antioch but so many power lines have been down on some of the smaller roads that you may have been delayed by that. the main roads okay for the most part. 580 and 80 slow approaching the bay bridge toll plaza and here at toll plaza backed up for
8:38 am
about a 15 to 20-minute delay. if you're driving in through livermore we still have very slow traffic because of earlier crashes. some minor fender-benders. we had an earlier fatal crash in the 6:00 hour that blocked lanes almost all of them for more than an hour. and this morning's commute in castro valley also slow approaching 238. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. we still have wind advisories until 6:00 tonight at least. the high wind warning should come down around 10, although still gusts 40 to 50. but all sorts of issues with the wind overnight. wind caused quite a mess in alameda. gusts brought down some large trees, branches on givens drive near fernside, near the high street bridge. thank you. these are pictures sent to us by one of our ktvu colleagues. the branches fell in the street and on a car. looks like folks in this neighborhood and many others will say lot of cleaning up to do. there's been a lot of trees and stuff blowing around, and the wind still continues. as long as it stays northerly and it should through most of
8:39 am
the day, then temperatures will stay on the mild side. but the wind advisory -- i think by tonight calms down, although the low in southern california is not going anywhere yet. there's been a lot of damage if southern california. we've had some here, but strongest wind looks to be up in the mountains and down in southern california. still getting gusts around 40 to 50 miles per hour here. the -- we were talking fog at this time yesterday. the fog is gone. air mass is bone-dry. and the visibility is great. still some possibility of snow down in southern california. big bear reporting some snow. but for us, skies are crystal clear. north wind for many although west wind san jose and a west- southwest at santa rosa. it's been all over the place as have their temperatures. they've gone from 40 to 58, back to 43. wind advisories , gusts possible to 70 but i this more likely yesterday afternoon into last night. 57 san rafael. 58 san francisco. 58 mountainview. lot of 50s.
8:40 am
only 40s at sonoma county airport at 43. ukiah at 31. so really cold air getting ready to get further south, as this wind starts to tail off. and it will later on, but tonight we'll see temperatures really take a plunge here. sunny skies today. great visibility. sunny and windy. forecasted highs, 60s and 70s. low to mid-70s banking the fact that the north wind will continue. if it doesn't, temperatures will drop pretty fast here. they will tonight. very critical lows on friday morning, especially saturday morning, but we may get another -- half the wind event might come in if another system comes down sunday into monday. >> all right, steve. strange story in afghanistan. five members of one family injured after being attacked with acid. after a marriage proposal was rejected. several armed men broke into the family's home. authorities say one of the attackers asked the father for
8:41 am
permission to marry his 18-year- old daughter, but the father turned him down. the daughter and her father are still in the hospital. three other family members have been released. another shaky situation in the berkeley area. what happened overnight. also big news about barry zito that has nothing to do with baseball or pitching. >> and it's home with the scene of early morning fire, now the scene of an open investigation. i'll tell you why coming up. and earn my bachelor's degree in 3 years you can, too. [ male announcer ] at devry university, whether you study at one of our 4 bay area locations, online or both, you can prepare for a career in a growing field... and with year round class offerings, you can even do it in as few as three years. if i can let nothing
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lower trading today, a day after market had its best day in 2 years. bank stocks and material makers falling the most. another rise in applications for weekly unemployment benefits set a negative tone today. right now the dow down 40. the nasdaq is down 1. s&p is down 4 1/2. some of the other top stories we're following right now, two people critically injured early today in a fire in san francisco's mission district. started about 4:30 at an apartment house at 24th and valencia. investigators think strong winds caused those flames to spread. most of california is under
8:45 am
high wind warning or advisory. look at what the winds did to this christmas tree lot in san leandro. power was knocked out to more than 300,000 customers around the state. and the latest deadline in the occupy san francisco protests now just hours away. the city has given the demonstrators until noon today to take down their tents. it's 8:45. this morning we learn new information about an overnight fire in the east bay. paul chambers joins you live from san leandro to explain the cannabis connection. good morning, paul. >> reporter: good morning, tori. the scene is clear now but this house was involved in a fire this morning. it's now under investigation by the alameda county sheriff's office because dependencies say the cause of the fire was due to illegal activities. fire crews got the fire under control quickly, already on the
8:46 am
scene of another fire in a different area. investigators say the fire started in the basement of a two-story home and they were able to contain it to just one room. the chief says illegal wiring is set to be the cause the fire. law enforcement investigators told me the fire is linked to illegal marijuana growth. investigators were getting a search warrant for the home and also said they found a substantial amount of illegal marijuana with plants in various stages of growth. as for the fire, no one was injured in the incident, and it's unclear if the homeowners were present when the fire started. we can come back out here live. i did talk to a few neighbors. they say someone does live here. not sure where they are. another neighbor also told me that this home has been frequented by police and by deputies. of course we'll stay on top of it and bring you the latest coming up at noon. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. berkeley had another earthquake overnight. it was a magnitude 2.3.
8:47 am
it hit about 11 last night. that was followed by a strong aftershock about two hours later. so far, no word of any damage. and it doesn't appear these quakes are tied to the series of quakes that rattled the area in october. and someone overnight torched three patrol vehicles at the sheriff's department. investigators say the vehicles were doused with gasoline. a pickup truck was also burned. authorities think whoever did it somehow connected to that truck. investigators are calling the fire an act of terrorism. the parents of that oakland toddler are now asking everyone to pray for their little boy. the family hopes the prayers will help hyrum lawrence, jr. live to see his second birthday on december 28th. he was among eight people injured when gunmen opened fire outside a west oakland liquor store monday night. hyrum was shot in the head while he was in his father's arms. >> he was conscious the whole
8:48 am
time even in the hospital bed. he was saying da-da and crying. he's strong. >> the boy was held by his father moments after the shooting. the three gunmen are still on the loose, a 35,000 dollar reward offered for any information that leads to an arrest. homicide investigators in san mateo county hope a trip to a cemetery will help them solve a mysterious cold case. yesterday they dug up an unmarked grave at that cemetery. authorities then removed the remains of an unidentified woman, 22 years after her body was found by a hiker in pacifica. investigators believe the young african-american woman was strangled somewhere else, then left near pacifica's oceana high school. officials now hope modern dna tests will provide new leads. here's a strange one. a very unusual police chase in virginia. look at this. the suspect tried to swim away
8:49 am
from the police. he dove into the water following a pursuit. police say this man on the right of your picture, he was wanted for allegedly kidnapping his wife from a grocery store parking lot. he was out there in the water for about 15 minutes before he was arrested right there. his wife was found safe. a prime suspect in the disappearance of natalie holloway is viewing the chilean government. joran van der sloot claims his human rights were violated when chile extradited him last year to peru. he was a suspect in the death of a peruvian woman. his murder trial begins next january. he is also under indictment for allegedly trying to extort money from natalie holloway's mother. shoot was arrested twice and never charged with holloway's disappearance in 2005. british singer adele is the queen of the 2012 grammy nominations.
8:50 am
she got six nods, including record album and song of the year. bruno mars and the frighters also got six nominations apiece. but rapper kanye west goat the most recognition with seven nominations. the grammys will held on february 12th at staples center in los angeles. barry zito's days as a bachelor are coming to an end. the giant pitcher and his fiance are getting married this weekend in a private ceremony in marin county. his future wife is 25-year-old amber sayer. she is a former miss missouri u.s.a. the 33-year-old zito dated celebrities before his engagement. kris humphries wants an annulment of his marriage to reality tv star kim kardashian. he claims it was a fraud. kim kardashian announced she wanted to divorce after only 72 days of marriage.
8:51 am
however, a filing by humphries says if he is denied an annulment, he'll move for a legal separation rather than a divorce. reports they may avoid a drawnout battle since kim kardashian initially wanted an annulment. later today, east palo alto will open its first skateboard park. the grand opening celebration is set for 3:00 this afternoon at the new skateboarding center at bell street park. this is a result of a two-year effort by the community and youth groups to create a scape board park in east palo alto. a unique fund-raiser is helping bay area schools earn extra money while promoting energy efficiency. bay farm elementary in alameda is one of several schools participatethin energize for the prize program. it works by allowing schools to earn $100 for every home it signs up for an energy efficiency upgrade. the school that signs up the most home upgrades by earth day
8:52 am
2012 will win $5,000. used to be the school already teaches students to recycle compost and gardens. >> i really enjoy this because it's another way to help save the world and make sure that instead of cutting down more trees you can recycle paper. >> the farm and other schools plan to use some of the money raised through the program to buy raw materials for recycling and composting on campus. that can help save money for the school. >> sure! that's right. an effort to ruse overcrowd engine california prisons. however, the solution may end up causing another big problem. also he's been preaching for nearly 70 years. this morning optimistic news about billy graham. ♪ true love gave to me...
8:53 am
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it's coming up on:55. realignment is the supposed to ease overcrowding at california prisons but it may be shifting the problem to county jails. in orange county dozens of detainees had to sleep on jail floor because there weren't enough beds. fresno county decide did will no longer incarcerate parole violators because of overcrowding and l.a. county says beds could be full in the next several months. realignment took effect in october. it shifts responsibility of low level criminals from the state to local agencies. 93-year-old billy graham is in a north carolina hospital
8:56 am
waiting to find out if he has pneumonia. he was admitted to a hospital yesterday near his home in north carolina. suffering from congestion, cough and fever. the the hospital says he was alert, smiling and waving to staff when he arrived. he spent five days in the same hospital with pneumonia in may. and crystal cathedral in southern california is on its way to becoming the property of the roman catholic church. the vatican gave approval for the sky sees of orange to buy the cathedral, clearing the final hurdle for the 57 million- dollar deal. the building was made famous by the hour of power television ministry. but last year it filed for bankruptcy protection, citing more than $50 million in debt. we have new information now about the hit-and-run on thanksgiving day in san francisco that badly injured a firefighter. while police say they have a suspect in custody, they're still looking for the vehicle. they say it's a 2011 black
8:57 am
mazda cx7 with this california license plate. it's a rental car, not been returned. investigators say the man ran down a firefighter after a fight last thursday morning. he is still in a coma at san francisco general hospital. check in with sal, see if traffic is winding down. >> good morning. it's still pretty windy out there and steve says it should continue. if you're driving use caution, you can see the cameras are shaking. 880 northbound heavy up north. bay bridge toll plaza back up for about a 15-minute delay. san francisco northbound 101 traffic a little heavy near the 80 split. let's go to steve. >> thank you. lots of sunshine today, visibility is great. but there's a lot of wind out there. wind advisories will take us to at least 6:00 tonight. now the key will be once the
8:58 am
wind dies down, air mass is really dry and it's going to get very cold here in the next to couple mornings, especially i think saturday morning. but maybe even tomorrow but it looks sunny. no rain, that's for sure. >> plants inside? >> i would, yes. we could have critical minimums here on saturday. >> that's our report for this morning. we thank you for trustedder trusting ktvu channel 2 numbs we'll see you the next time news breaks. and join us at noon for more on the fierce winds still causing problems in the bay area. that's where the -- altamont pass. we're always here for you at thank you for watching! [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon nothing calls them to the table faster. sunday morning ideas made easy. [ younger brother ] oh, do you want it? yeah. ok, we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light... ...buttery and flaky...
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